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Premium Polyester Paper.

Our premium paper is a rigid stock.  It’s a super durable material that is superior to withstanding moisture, spills, grease and stains.  The paper is sturdy, waterproof, bright white and retains its quality for months.  It’s great for Menus, placemats, signage, recipe cards and much more.   It’s the most fade resistant polyester paper in the market making it the ideal choice for an upscale menu choice.  We offer this paper in a 13.7, 10.7, and a 7.7 Mil thickness and can print your menu as large as 12”X 18”, (13”X19” without bleed).

Economy Polyester Paper

Our economy paper line offers many of the same attributes of the premium stock for less of the cost while still being tear free.  While our premium paper offers a superior barrier to moisture, spills, and stains compared to the Economy Paper we find that printing the economy paper on a colored background helps close this gap in quality.  Laying down a black or off-white background allows the ink to seal in the paper.  This seal greatly improves the menus ability to withstand stains and messes thus prolonging the life of the menu often comparable with our premium stock.   It’s a rigid paper which makes it ideal for flat menus, table tents, wine lists, dessert menus and much more.  We offer this paper in a 14, 10, and 8 Mil thickness and can print your menu as large as 12”X18” (13”X19” without bleed).

Premium Soft Polyester Paper

Our premium soft polyester paper offers a fine smooth touch making it ideal for bringing to life your vivid ideals for your menu.  It’s waterproof, tear and stain resistant but with the pliability of regular paper which makes it a great selection for not just your regular menu but also for placemat menus and menus that get drilled, folded, or scored.   We offer this paper in a 7.5, 10, and 12 Mil thickness and can print as large as 11”X17” (12”X18” without bleed).

Economy Soft Polyester Paper

Our economy paper offers all the other attributes of our economy polyester paper, but it’s created with a similar synthetic blend that our premium soft paper to offer you pliability in your paper making it ideal for foldable menus, and placemat menus.   We currently offer our economy soft polyester in a 10 Mil thickness and can print it as big as 11”X17” (12”X18” without bleed).

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